A testament to his drive and talent, Chad Brownlee (MDM Recordings Inc. / Universal Music Canada) is an extraordinary example of what one person can achieve.  Although he may focus on living in the moment, absorbing every treasured second with his fans while performing on stage, Brownlee has already lived a life many would argue could fill multiple lifetimes.  An award-winning singer, songwriter, philanthropist and former NHL draft pick, country music artist Brownlee is by definition a renaissance man, who lives by the credence that “opportunity lies along the path created by the choices you make.”

With over a billion radio impressions to date, in recent years his singles have rapidly climbed the country music charts, with multiple singles cracking Top 10, including “Listen”, “Smoke In The Rain”, “Crash” and his current single “Hearts On Fire”.  He describes “Hearts On Fire” as a “powerful, energy ridden love song, expressing a kind of fire only found within the essence of a passionate relationship.  With this single, I truly feel I’ve reached another musical gear and have pushed the envelope, without losing that sound that has defined me as the artist I am today.”

Written by Angelo Petraglia and Erik Dylan, this is the title track and first single, off of his fourth album, Hearts On Fire (new album release date:  April 29, 2016).  Brownlee shares, “The new album touches on a broad scope of topics, laden with lyrical substance.  Musically, it reflects a little of what the audience already know as me, as well as a fresh new side that has yet to be seen!”

Over the last few years Brownlee has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades including a highly coveted 2013 JUNO nomination for Country Album of the Year, and consecutive Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA®) Award™ Male Artist of the Year nominations (2012 & 2013).  For this British Columbia native, a strong work ethic defines his successful transition from the ice rink to the stage.  As Brownlee releases the fourth album in his discography, he is reflective and conveys a philosophical honesty regarding his musical journey, “[It is] quite surreal actually.  I’m starting to grow to accept how incomprehensible time is. I really didn’t know what to expect when I started down this music road.  It’s like watching a bucket of water fill up one drop at a time. In the moment it may seem slow, but before you know it, the drops have filled the entire bucket.”  A culmination of many days and nights on the road, and hours in the studio, Brownlee has been taking the Canadian country music world by storm.  He continues,  “At the beginning of my journey, and still to this day, I just want to write the best song in each moment of creativity and sing the best I can sing each time I perform.”

Like many artists, Brownlee discloses this album is inspired by life itself, each and every good or not so good moment, all for which he is thankful.  The album reveals a polarizing perspective of love, romance and even obsessive infatuation.  Following the more traditional tale of love explored in “Hearts On Fire”, Brownlee leaps the emotional spectrum with the track “I Hate You For It”.   As he simply states, “Here’s a tip to the listener: This one is best listened to LOUD!!”  This track introduces a new dynamic sound to Brownlee’s musical repertoire, featuring a deeper intensity found in the vocals, and fuelled with heavier instrumentation.  He continues, “This is my favourite song on the album.  It’s got an edge that is slightly softened by an underlying addictive love.  We can become entangled in one another.  A conscious knowing of the intoxicating power one person can have over our emotions.  We lay prisoner to the chains of infatuation.  Like the lyrics say, one is literally ‘punch drunk crazy’!”

In June 2014 Brownlee released his third album, The Fighters.  A strong supporter of the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation™, to celebrate the release of his last album, he partnered with the Foundation to promote “Camp Day” travelling nationwide from Nova Scotia to his home province of British Columbia, visiting four cities in one day!  This album features the award winning track “Just Because”, for which Brownlee and his fellow co-writers (Mitch Merrett, Brian White and Phil Barton) received the 2014 British Columbia Country Music Association (BCCMA) Socan Songwriter of the Year Award.  He also received two more 2015 BCCMA awards, for both Video and Songwriter of the Year for the single “When The Lights Go Down”.  In March 2015, Brownlee embarked on his first Canadian headlining tour; When The Lights Go Down Tour.  In response to a bevy of fan requests, on May 18, 2015 Brownlee released his cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, a fan favourite throughout the tour.

Since the release of his sophomore album Love Me Or Leave Me, the talented singer-songwriter has shown the music industry that his star in country music is on the rise, quite literally, as he was also the recipient of the 2011 Rising Star at the CCMA® Award™.  In celebration of the release of this album, Brownlee hit the road, touring with Grammy-nominee Dierks Bentley across the country, and has been touring ever since including co-headlining the coast-to-coast Your Town Throwdown tour with Deric Ruttan and Jason Blaine in the fall of 2013, and the 2012 Boys of Fall tour with Dallas Smith.

Brownlee’s passions run deep; philanthropy most certainly tops his list of priorities.  He frequently donates his time wherever and whenever possible to a variety of causes.  Annually he continues to partner with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation™ to share the joy of music with young campers, leading music workshops across the country.  In 2014 he recorded a new track and filmed a video with kids who benefit from the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation™ called “We Don’t Walk This Road Alone”.  All artist proceeds from the sale of this digital single will be donated to the foundation.

An artist who believes “in order to make what you do your profession, you must first act like a professional,” his warm personality and charming persona intimately invites the audience to experience a musical journey as he performs with a commanding, intoxicating stage presence.  With more tour dates to be announced, his fans can look forward to another memorable year filled with powerful performances and new music.