Calgary Herald Interview

Chad Brownlee just hitting his stride in country music

So. You have a pretty lucrative career: CEO, small business owner, podiatrist, whatever. You probably also have a hobby, right? Something that helps you pass the time, perhaps a passion, like squash or stamp collecting or gardening.

Now what if that full-time job was gone, taken away from you or no longer an option? Could you turn that hobby into a new career? One that you could, quite conceivably earn just as much with, if not more? And be just as happy, if not more?

So you’re not Chad Brownlee — a former Vancouver Canucks draft pick who’s found incredible success as a Canadian country music star. One with no regrets.

“I’m happy with what life dealt me. But I think I walked alongside what life has dealt me as far as making a decision to follow this path,” Brownlee says, noting his decision came mainly as a result of recurring injuries… [Read Full Interview]

CHCH TV Interview

Fielding Estate Winery, Niagara region

A Canadian country music star is in Niagara wine country tonight, Chad Brownlee – who was once a pro hockey player – hit the stage at Fielding Estate winery in Beamsville.

Sean Cowan spoke with him, watch the full interview here.

Country Music for Heart

Chad Brownlee & Dallas Smith with special guests:

Marshall Dane
Lindsay Broughton
Of Gentlemen & Cowards
Cory Marquardt

Friday June 28th, 2013
Bill Barber Complex
Callander, Ontario

Doors open at 3pm

For more information, visit