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For the last show, this Friday, March 30th at 7:30 PM, it’s the fabulous, award winning country music singer-songwriter Chad Brownlee, fresh off a tour with Dierks Bentley ! Chad’s tunes are honest and real; he is an artist that clearly paints his experience and his heart.

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The lifestyle of a professional hockey player and a  professional rockstar can be pretty similar. Nobody knows that better than former Vancouver Canuck and current country music star Chad Brownlee. This Gonger is really living the dream by kicking ass in both these career paths.

I got the chance to chat with Brownlee for a little bit and we talked music, puck and what he likes to do in the shower. Take a look.

Tell me a little bit what it was to get drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in 2003.

Chad Brownlee: It meant everything to me at the time. When a moment like that happens, it’s really surreal. You remember everything about it, like where you were and who you were with. It was the moment of a lifetime and I will never forget it.

Did music always play a big part of your life, even while you were playing hockey?

CB: It played a huge part of my life, even further back than that. I started playing piano when I was eight and picked up the tenor sax in middle school. It was always a huge part of my life and a more of a relief than just a hobby. A relief from hockey at the time and something to get away to.

How is hockey still a part of your life today, even though your passion has changed to country music?

CB: I’m a bigger fan of the game now than I ever had been before. I watch SportsCentre religiously and I get on the ice whenever I can. Honestly, I’m enjoying the sport a lot more now being a fan.

You’re living the Gonger dream. Compare the rockstar lifestyle with the professional hockey player lifestyle.

CB: There are a lot of parallels like being on the road and having to perform in front of thousands of people every night. But the physical side of the music industry just isn’t as intense. I guess my body’s thanking me for that now.

Who is your favorite team and favorite players to follow in the game?

CB: Vancouver will always be my favorite team and I’m a big fan of Trevor Linden. I idolized guys like Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic.

What was it like going from a hockey career to a music career?

CB: I’m a bit of a dream chaser for sure. I follow what I love to do, but I can’t say the transition was super easy. I took some time to re-identify myself. For some people, it was all of a sudden he wants to be a musician and it was hard for them to take me seriously. But I’m doing what I love.

What have been some of your favorite places to perform?

CB: Touring has allowed me to visit places around Canada that I’ve never seen before. I played at Prince Edward Island at a festival in July. There’s just so many little pockets all across Canada and the fans in those towns really make it for me. I get to experience the landscapes of a lot of different places.

How big of a Gonger are you?

CB: Literally as we speak, I’m sitting here in Gongshow sweatpants and a Gongshow hoodie. It’s pretty much my tour uniform. I wear it everyday.

What are your favorite songs to sing  in the shower?

CB: “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, anything by Neil Young and whatever little tune is floating through my head that I’m working on.